Who can benefit & use cases

The biggest benefits of starstream and how it can be help your event business.

Starstream is a versatile tool designed for Shopify merchants to manage ticket sales for both physical and virtual events across various industries. Here's how it can be used:

In-person Events and Conferences

Starstream enables global ticket sales for your local events, conferences, or exhibitions directly through your Shopify store. It comes equipped with all the necessary tools, including QR code validation for attendee entry.


For businesses or educational purposes, Starstream simplifies selling webinar access or creating invitation-only events. It ensures secure access for ticket holders, who receive their tickets via email and SMS.

Virtual Events and Conferences

Starstream allows you to organize virtual events or conferences. Just a few steps can turn a livestream link into a ticketed event, granting exclusive access to your audience.

Entertainment Shows and Musical Events

Whether it's for a stand-up comedy, an esports tournament, or a live music performance, Starstream enables ticket sales through your customized Shopify store. You can design tickets to match your event's theme.

Sell access to single classes or entire online courses that you stream through any platform, including your own website, without any restrictions using Starstream.

Starstream makes it easy to reach a wide audience for various events, ensuring a seamless ticketing experience directly through your Shopify store.

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