Hosting on Vimeo

Steps to create a Vimeo live stream link and use it with Starstream.

Vimeo is a video streaming platform that allows you to host livestreams and webinars easily. You can schedule a live stream on Vimeo and use the link to create a Starstream ticket to sell your event. Note that creating a livestream on vimeo requires a paid subscription, and you can only demo the livestream with the free version.

These are the steps schedule a stream and get its link:

  1. Login into your Vimeo account, and head to the main dashboard.

  1. Hover over New video and click on Create event.

  1. Click on Choose event type if you want to continue with the recommended stream settings.

  1. Choose the type of the event, then click Next.

  1. Click on the sharing icon on the top left side of the screen.

  1. Click on copy to get your stream link copied.

You can use the link you copied freely with Starstream to create a new event or edit an existing one. Follow the steps of creating a new online event to learn more.


The green bar on top of the screen asks users to upgrade their account to start a stream. Live streaming is not possible on Vimeo without upgrading to a paid subscription. Otherwise, you can only demo a stream for up to 10 minutes only. If you want to go live on Vimeo, make sure you upgrade your subscription to a paid one by clicking Upgrade.

Vimeo + Starstream Login Protection = 100% Protection

If you want total protection for your live event, Vimeo + Starstream Login Protection is the most secure option.

Live streaming with Vimeo requires a paid account. However, Vimeo gives you more control over your event than free platforms like Youtube. For example, Vimeo allows you to set up domain restrictions to make it impossible to watch the live stream without paid access, which alongside Starstream, can help you secure your event access so that no one can enter it without a ticket. If you're interested in this most secure setup, checkout this article.

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