Accessing a In-Person Event

The entire journey of customers from visiting the event page to buy it to accessing the in-person event.

This article is meant to help you understand how customers engage with your in-person events, from the moment they purchase the ticket to the moment they access the event. This is what happens:

  1. The customer visits your Shopify store and ends up on the product page. They add the product to their cart and proceed to checkout.

  1. In the checkout page, they add their email or phone number, fill their bank card details and pay for the product.

  1. A message shows payment details and that the payment is successful, and a purchase confirmation email is sent from Shopify.

If the event has already started, they can access it via the button on the top right in this order confirmation page.

  1. The register confirmation is sent to the customer immediately after purchase via email and SMS. They can add the event to their calendar from the button in the email. It is followed by two reminders sent via email and SMS. The ticket is also immediately sent to customers via email and SMS with the QR Code. For convenience, they also receive notification via email and SMS 24 hours and 1 hour before the event starts. You can learn more about the timing of sent emails and SMSs from the notification timeline article.

  1. All they have to do is show you the QR code that you scan with the scanner, to grant them access to the event immediately.

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