Using the email editor

Customizing your ticket, confirmation and reminder emails using the internal email editor.

The Email Editor is opened when you click on Customize Email on any notification type (ticket, register confirmation, reminder or replay).

The main sections of the email editor

The ‘Edit Content’ section

The edit content section allows you to change the contents of the email and edit all the text included. It contains customizations for anything you would need to change.

The ‘Design’ section

The design section lets you tweak the appearance of the email, changing colors and other appearance characteristics.

The Preview section

Under the Edit Content section, you’ll find the preview section. This section will show you how the email will finally look. The preview section is updated in real-time, meaning that any edit you make on text, colors or any content is instantly updated so that you check its look.

The 'Edit Content' section

Available variables

"Available Variables" lets you copy different variables and paste them in any of the elements in the Edit Content section. Different variables insert different information without having to type it manually. For example, the variable product_title will insert the name of your event anywhere. So if you make the subject as “Your ticket for product_title”, and the name of your event (name of shopify product page) is “Webinar: Future of S&P 500”, then the subject will show as “Your ticket for Webinar: Future of S&P 500“.

These are the available variables:

product_title — will insert the shopify product name (it is supposed to be your events title)

shop_name — will insert the name of your Shopify store (it is supposed to be brand or entity name)

customer_name — will insert the first name of the customer who bought the ticket

secret_link — will insert the secret link to your event livestream

event_time — will insert the date and time of your event

event_location — will insert the location of your event (you can change the location in the Event tab after clicking on your event from the main dashboard)

shopify_product_url — will insert the url of the event’s product page

add_to_calendar_link — will insert a shortened link to add the event to calendar directly

insert_calendar_logo — will insert a calendar icon

event_time_disclaimer — will insert a disclaimer with the date and time of the event

Subject The subject of your email, as if you write it in the subject section on any email app.


The largest header of the email that appears on top of the email body.

Button Text The text on the button in the email. The button will take the user to the event link for the ticket email, to the xxxxxxxx for register confirmation and to the replay link for the replay email.

Upper body

The content (text/variables) under the title.

Lower body

The content (text/variables/html) under the button, It is an HTML code by default. You can edit the text inside it without having to create a new code.


The content (text/variables) at the bottom of the email.

The 'Design' section

Body background color

Change the color of the background for the email body and the in

Body border radius

Change the round shape of the email body background at the edges. Higher radius means more round shape.

Button border radius

Change the round shape of the button edges. Higher radius means more round shape.

Button text color

The color of the button text

Button background color

The color of the button background.

Footer text color and background color

The color of text in the footer.

Footer background color

The background of the footer. Default is black.

Saving & Sending Tests

  • After you finish editing, you can click the Save button to apply the changes.

  • If you click Save as default template, the edits are saved as a default for new event emails of the same type. If you Save as default template for a ticket email, future ticket emails for events will start with the edits you saved.

  • In the Send test email section, you can type your personal email and click Send to check the final look of the email. The email may take 10 minutes to show up in your inbox. Also always check the spam folder for the email.

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