Embed video code

This page focus on how to get the embed code to paste into the "Embed Video Code" section.

The question you might have at this stage is "how can I get the embed video code I need to paste?"

Depending on the platform you're using to host your live stream, there's a different procedure to fetch the embed code.

Youtube - Video

On Youtube, open the video you'd like to embed, and click on the "share" button

Then choose, "embed" and click "copy"

Youtube - Live stream

When doing a scheduled Youtube live stream, get the sharable URL by going to "Share" -> "Copy Link"

Then open that link in a new page, click "Share" and copy the embed code:

Vimeo - Video

On vimeo, select "Share"

Then copy the text in the "embed" section:

Vimeo - Live stream

For live stream hosted on Vimeo, find your event in your admin interface, open it and click on "Embed":

In the pop up, choose "Specific Domain" restriction

Then add "servers.starstream.app" as the restricted domain. This will make sure your customers can only watch this event on the Starstream hosted page. This adds event more protection.


Finally, click "Copy Embed Code"

If you need additional help, you can reach our support here:


Other platform

You can follow a similar procedure for other platform. Platforms often have a "embed code" sharable snippet that you can paste into Starstream. If you need additional help, you can reach our support here:


Platform without embed code (Zoom, Google Meet, ...)

Some platform do not have sharable embed code, for example Zoom and Google Meet. You might want to host your event on these platform, but still benefit from Starstream login protection that comes with hosted events. In that case you can leave the "embed video code" section empty and make sure the "event link" is set to your secret link, and a button to display the event will be displayed instead like this:

You can modify the text of the button by going to "Customize Ticket" -> "Customize Order Page Button"

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