Generating and scanning QR codes

How can event owners use QR Code scanning for QR tickets generated by Startsream.

QR codes are automatically generated by Starstream for every ticket of an online event. Every QR code is unique and can be used to validate attendee access at the location of the event. To validate the access, you will use the Starstream QR Scanner, which is explained in the second part of the article. Here is how the in-person event ticket looks when sent to attendees by email:

Access the Starstream QR Code Scanner by clicking here

How to scan QR codes

To scan printed or digital QR codes on the phones of attendees, you need to use the Starstream QR Scanner, which only needs a phone, tablet or laptop with a camera. Here are the steps to access the scanner from the platform and use it to validate in-person event tickets for attendees.

On your computer

  1. Open Shopify Admin

  2. Open Starstream (Shopify App)

  3. Open your event in the Starstream management interface

You can share the Starstream QR Code Scanner link to as many devices as you like (preferably smartphones). For example, if you have events with 3 points of entry, you’ll probably have 3 staff members scanning with their phone at each entry.

Upon a scan, you’ll see clearly if the ticket is valid or invalid

On your phone

  1. Open Starstream’s main dashboard.

  1. Scroll down and click on the in-person event you want to scan QR codes for.

  1. Make sure you are in the event tab.

  1. Scroll down to the Validate QR Codes section, and click Open QR Code Scanner. You can save the link to the scanner to access it directly later or send it to your team.

  1. A browser message will appear asking to allow the website to access your camera, click Allow.

The next screen asks to enter a name for the scanner, which is shown on top of the scanner as you scan the codes. The name can be related to the event or your brand’s name.

  1. Add the name you want and click Save.

  1. The scanner is opened and you can start scanning codes to grant access.

  1. When a valid code is scanned, you will see this screen, and you can click Next to continue scanning other tickets.

  1. You can click on History to view the tickets you have scanned.

  1. This is how the list of scanned codes looks.

  1. You can also click on Manual Enter to add a manual code. By entering the code, you can validate the ticket without having to scan the QR code

The manual code is a numerical code located under the QR code on the ticket. This is how it looks:

  1. Enter the code in the code field and click Validate.


You can follow the same steps on your PC (desktop or laptop), access the scanner and use it with your PC’s webcam. You can also send the link to yourself from PC to phone via email, WhatsApp or any other messenger app.

Tip: You can view detailed statistics about your scans from the Statistics tab under your event.

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