Avoid Spam Filters

Tips to avoid getting your emails flagged as spam.

Your emails -including the ones you send with Starstream- can get flagged as spam by email services like Gmail and Outlook. This will mean that they won’t make it to the customer’s inbox, and they won’t see your emails.

Email services usually have different criteria to determine which emails are spam, and this criteria is not published by companies behind these services, so they can only be guessed and tried. Here are some tips to avoid your emails being flagged as spam:

Use a corporate email, avoid Gmail

If you want to avoid your emails being spammed, don’t use a Gmail address as a sender email. It is better that you use your company email, and if not available, AOL and Outlook emails get spammed the least.

Avoid words associated with spam email

Mailboxes use spam filters that work in different ways. One of the ways they filter emails is by detecting specific words that are usually associated with spam emails. Those are some examples:

  • Sales Language: Terms like "Buy now", "Free", "Guaranteed", or "Special promotion" can trigger spam filters.

  • Exaggerated Claims: Phrases like "Once in a lifetime opportunity" or "You have been selected" are typical of spam emails.

  • Financial Content: Words like "Income", "Investment", "Million dollars", and "Credit" can be red flags.

  • Urgency or Pressure: Phrases like "Urgent action required", "Immediate response needed", or "Don’t miss out" can be problematic.

Color Usage

  • Avoid Overuse of Bright or Neon Colors: These are often associated with spammy content. In particular, bright red should be avoided.

  • Text colors: Use standard text colors (black or dark gray) for the majority of your email text.

Don’t overuse hyperlinks

Spam emails usually contain an excessive number of hyperlinks. You should avoid including more than a few links in your email.

Consider the design style of spam emails

The email editor allows you to design your email freely. However, you should avoid some design aspect that can flag your email as spam. One of these aspects is flashy colors in the design. These colors can include red and green.

For text, avoid adding text in green, red or white. It is recommended that you use black or gray for your emails.

Broken HTML code can also lead to getting your email spammed. Make sure that you edit or add html codes that work in Startsream’s email editor.

Send a test before bulk sending to customers

While using the email editor, you can send a test email to any of your personal emails to see if it gets spammed or not. Use this feature before sending bulk emails to customers or before the time specific emails like ticket emails come and the emails are automatically sent. You can begin editing and testing all of your emails in Starstream right away after creating the event.

Sending Email

If you’re still experiencing spam problems, you can try changing the sender email in Starstream settings.

You can go to “Settings” → "Sender Settings" -> "Edit sender email for Starstream tickets” to change the sender email.

Try changing the sender email to:

  • A corporate email (not a gmail or hotmail), those are generally better to avoid spam

  • tickets@starstream.app : If you’re still having problem with a corporate email (or don’t have a corporate email) you can try using tickets@starstream.app. Sometime it fixes the problem when it’s caused by sending domain mismatch. This should be used as a last resort.

As a backup, Starstream always provides participants with a button to access the event (or get the QR Code) in the order page:

The participant will always be able to access the event this way event if the ticket email ended up in their spam.

For any issue or additional question, contact support@starstream.app.

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