Exclude Starstream fee from ticket's price

Starstream charges $0.99 USD / ticket. By default this fee is included in the ticket. This means that if you sell a $15 ticket, you pay $0.99 to Starstream and you have $14.01 left .

Did you know that it's super easy to exclude this fee from the ticket. Your customers will pay $15.99 per ticket and you will have 15$ left after the checkout.

Here is how it looks:

1. Make your product "Physical"

Go to your Shopify Admin, select the products tab and select the product your are using as a Shopify event. In our case it's the " Leadership Webinar"

Make sure to refresh the page afterwards.

2. Make sure you have converted the product in Starstream

Go to Shopify Admin, then Apps, then enter the Starstream app and make sure you have converted the product into an online event.

3. Create a "Ticket Fee" shipping rate for this product

Go to Shopify Admin -> Settings -> Shipping and delivery

Create a new profile in custom shipping rates

Add all the products that you want to exclude the ticket price from

Create a new shipping zone

Then create a new shipping zone with all the country in it. Call it "All World"

Add a rate

Now add a rate.

Call the rate "Ticket Fee" (this is what your customers will see) and enter $0.99.

Warning for store in other currencies than USD: Starstream charges you 0.99$ in USD. If your store uses another currency, make sure to increase or lower this fee so it's equivalent to $0.99 USD. You might need to update the price when the exchange rate between your shop's currency and the USD changes a lot.

Click done, then click save.

4. You're done!

Now if you go into your shop and buy the item you see that the "Ticket Fee" is excluded from the the ticket price.

For any other questions contact our support:

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