Starstream Login Protection (Legacy)

With Starstream Login Protection, Starstream will make sure that the ticket is used to watch exactly one stream. If somebody tries to open the live stream on many different windows, Starstream will kickout the older window and prioritize the newer window. This makes sure that your attendees must buy 1 ticket per participant. This increases your sales.

How login protection works

When login protection is enabled, the Start Watching button in the ticket email takes users to a protected page, instead of the live stream video directly. Here is what happens in detail:

  1. The ticket is sent to the attendant email and they click on Start Watching.

  1. A window is shown, asking the user to enter the ticket number.

  1. After submitting the ticket number and clicking submit, the user is asked to enter the Magic Code, an OTP sent to their email.

  1. The Magic Code email looks like this.

  1. When they enter the code and click Access Event, the page opens with the stream link embedded in it.

How to enable login protection

This feature is enabled by following two main steps, creating a blog with an embedded stream and enabling the login protection with the blog URL in the Starstream dashboard.

To create the blog, follow these steps:

  1. In your Shopify dashboard, go to Blog posts from the main navigation sidebar to the left.

  1. Click on the Create blog post button.

  1. Add a title for the page, which will be visible to customers.

  1. In the content field, you need to embed your video. You need first to get the embed link for the live stream video. The method can vary by platform, but it is usually by sharing the video and choosing the embed option.

  1. For youtube, click on Share. The first choice to the left is Embed. Click on it.

  1. The embed link is shown, copy it, then return to Shopify.

  1. Click on the video icon on top of the content section.

  1. Paste the embed link and click Insert video.

  1. The embedded stream will be shown in the content field.

  1. Scroll down the page and click Save.

  1. Click View to view the published blog and check if it works as intended.

  1. The blog should look like this. Go back to the dashboard and edit it at any time if you need to.

After creating the blog, you can enable login protection in your Starstream dashboard.

To enable login protection, follow these steps:

  1. In your main Starstream dashboard, make sure you are in the Events tab.

  1. Scroll down and click on the event you want to protect. Make sure it is an online event, as this feature is available only for only events.

  1. Make sure you are in the Event tab.

  1. Scroll down to the mode section, click on Standard and make it Strict.

  1. The section will look like this.

  1. Insert the link to the blog you have created. You can view it, and copy the URL from your browser’s URL bar.

  1. The URL field accepts Shopify blog links only. Click Save when you finish.

  1. After saving, the section will look like this.

You have now protected the event and customers will require a ticket number and an OTP to access the livestream link.

Video Demo

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Security Comparison

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