Starstream + Vimeo: 100% Login Protection

To stop all form of video sharing, you can use Vimeo Live Stream Viewing privacy to restrict your live stream to only be playable on your domain. Even someone stealing the Vimeo link won’t be able to play it on the Vimeo website. Starstream + Vimeo provides maximum security.

More details about Vimeo Viewing Privacy settings:

Starstream + Vimeo Demo: Trying to steal the vimeo link

Here’s a demo of someone trying to steal the Vimeo link and being blocked:

As you can see the attacker is not able to steal the Vimeo link, he’s only redirected to an image and can’t do anything about it.

If the attacker manages to steal the link, he gets a “unauthorized” page:

Therefore the participants accessing your live stream event must pay for a ticket with Starstream to access the event.

Vimeo Price

Vimeo Live Stream feature is a paid service. You need the advanced plan to get the Live Stream feature. It’s about 65$/month. However, Vimeo offers a 7 day free trial.

Vimeo cost money to host live events, however you get 100% security in return. Starstream makes sure that your attendees have paid the ticket to access the live stream and Vimeo makes sure that the live stream can only be seen on your live stream page.

If Vimeo is too expensive, you can use Youtube instead. Youtube is totally free, but does not offer the domain restriction for live stream. Youtube does offer domain restriction for video. See our help article here:

Create a live stream event on Youtube

Demo: How to setup Vimeo

Here’s a complete demo of how to setup a Vimeo live stream to only be playable on your Shopify store domain.

  1. Create a live stream

  1. On the live stream setting page, make sure to set the Viewing Privacy setting to “Hide on Vimeo” and “Specific domains”. For the domain, change insert your Shopify domain on which the live stream will be played. This is usually your Shopify store URL.

Add "" as the restricted domain.

Your live stream should now be totally protected by Vimeo to only be playable on the page where your hosting the live stream with Starstream.

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