Using the SMS editor

Customizing your ticket, confirmation and reminder emails using the internal SMS editor.

The SMS Editor is the editor that is opened when you click on Customize SMS whether you are customizing the ticket SMS, register confirmation SMS or event replay SMS.

Your SMS Editor interface

Your SMS editor interface includes the following:

SMS text

The text box where you enter the content of the SMS including text, links and variables.


This button saves your changes.

Save as default SMS

This button saves your changes as a default SMS template for future events. It applies only on the type of SMS you are editing, so if you are customizing ticket SMS, the template will be saved for future ticket SMSs and not all SMSs.


Returns the SMS content to Starstream’s default.

Available variables

Discussed in the following section.

Available variables

Available Variables is a drop down menu that lets you copy different variables and paste them in the SMS content. Different variables insert different information without having to type it manually. For example, the variable product_title will insert the name of your event in the SMS.

So if you make the content as “Here is your ticket for product_title”, and the name of your event (name of Shopify product page) is “Webinar: Future of S&P 500”, then the subject will show as “Here is your ticket for Webinar: Future of S&P 500“.

These are the available variables:

product_title — will insert the shopify product name (it is supposed to be your events title)

shop_name — will insert the name of your Shopify store (it is supposed to be brand or entity name)

customer_name — will insert the first name of the customer who bought the ticket

secret_link — will insert the secret link to your event livestream

event_time — will insert the date and time of your event

event_location — will insert the location of your event (you can change the location in the Event tab after clicking on your event from the main dashboard)

shopify_product_url — will insert the url of the event’s product page

add_to_calendar_link — will insert a shortened link to add the event to calendar directly

insert_calendar_logo — will insert a calendar icon

event_time_disclaimer — will insert a disclaimer with the date and time of the event

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