Hosting on Google Meet

Steps to create a Google Meet webinar link and use it with Starstream.

You can use Google Meet to stream and schedule your online event. To create a new event and get its link to use with Starstream, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Meet. Make sure you are signed into the right account you will use for streaming. Click on the New meeting button.

  1. From the available choices, select Schedule in Google Calendar.

  1. Add event title, date and time. You can find a link to the stream on this page. Click on Save to continue.

  1. You can find a link to your event in your Google Calendar, be heading to the date and time you have set.

  1. By clicking on the stream’s entry, you will find the stream’s link and you can click to copy it.

You can use the link you copied with Starstream to create a new online event right away.

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