Overview - Event hosted on Starstream

When doing an online event, you can choose to host the event on Starstream.

Hosting the event on Starstream enables extra security features. Those extra security features reduce the risk of link cross sharing, but require a bit more complex setup.

An event hosted on Starstream looks like this:

Protection 1: Starstream Login Protection

Event hosted on Starstream include additional security. The first thing is that in order to access the event, each customer must go through a login protection that will require them to enter a magic code.

Then the user will receive a magic code via email or SMS:

Then they can validate their identity as the last step of the login protection:

Now they have access 🎉

Protection 2: Connection Monitoring

An additional protection of hosting your event on Starstream is that each ticket is valid only for one connection. If a user tries to share his ticket with another attendee, he will get kicked out of his session. This ensure that each viewer has bought a ticket. 1 Ticket = 1 Connection.

Note: This feature checks for connection every 1 minute. Therefore, there could be a 1 minute delay before a user gets kicked out.

For example, if a user wants to share his ticket with his friend that has not paid for the ticket, he will get kicked out and he must buy a ticket.

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