Sending custom (manual) emails to your participants

Sending a manual custom email to your attendees about anything related to the event.

Starstream allows you to send custom emails to customers from inside the platform, so that you can communicate the message you want with them. You can send only one custom email to customers per event for free, and you can send unlimited custom emails with the Starstream Pro subscription. Here are the steps to create and send custom emails to event participants:

  1. In your dashboard, make sure you are in the Events tab.

  1. Scroll down and click on the event you want to send manual custom emails to its participants.

  1. Make sure you are in the Event tab.

  1. Scroll down to the Send an email to my participants section and click on Get Started.

  1. The section will expand showing details about the process. Click Continue.

  1. The section will now show fields to create the custom email.

  1. Fill your email subject and body.

  1. If you want the email to include a button, check the ‘Include a button in the email’ checkbox.

  1. When you check the checkbox, the section will expand with two additional field for the button text and link.

  1. Fill Button Text, which is the text written on the button, and Button Link, which is the link the button takes the user to. For example, you can make the text “Add to calendar” and set the link as one to take the user to add the event to their calendar.

  1. The Open Advanced Email Editor button will open the email editor, so that you can create a more customized email, if you need to.

  1. The preview sending field and button can help you send a preview of the email to any email instantly before sending to customers. Type the test email in the field and click Send Preview. Don’t click next until you are ready to send the email to customers.

13. When you are ready to send the custom email to customers, click Next.

  1. The section will expand with additional details and a sending confirmation.

  1. Scroll down and click Send message to participants.

  1. A final sending confirmation popup message will appear. Click Send message to participants.

The email will be sent to customers within 5 minutes.

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